Tuesday 2 May 2023

Tuesday 02 May 2023

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
James Fagan And Jamie McLennan - Family Tree
Dipper Malkin - Answerphone + Honest Intentions + Hommage À Gilles Laprise
Poor Man's Gambit - Hornpipes (The Wonder Hornpipe, The Golden Eagle)
An Tara - The Tulla + P Joe's [Reels & Raga Durga]
Bob Cheevers - The Unknown Soldier
Glen Peters - He Used To Sing In His Sleep
Ben Sures - Any Precious Girl
Northern Flyway (Jenny Sturgeon, Inge Thomson) - Rosefinch
Granny's Attic - What I Saw In My Dream As I Slept In My Chair
Daria Kulesh - Rusalka
Trip - The Ninth Wave
Yvonne Lyon - Farewell
Blackbeard's Tea Party - Landlady