Saturday 8 July 2023

Saturday 08 July 2023

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Freeland Barbour - Thickets of Raon
Serious Sam Barrett - Blow Away The Morning Dew
Sean Taylor - Happy Days
Kat Bryan - Bliss
Gilmore & Roberts - All The Way To Rome
Bella Gaffney - Blood in the Earth
Gwenan Gibbard - MeĆ­bion A Merched (Lads and Lasses)
Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris - Making Plans [Alternate]
Broon - New Clear Days
Dave Gibson - Round Here
Barbara Dymock - The Unquiet Grave
Saskia Griffiths-Moore and Chandra Chakraborty - Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo
Bella Hardy - The Drunken Butcher Of Tideswell