Monday, 21 August 2023

Monday 21 August 2023

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Saskia - Strange Rivers
Legends Of Tomorrow feat. Katie Spencer - Better Weather [Edit from The Weather At World’s End, 1997–2022)
Drystones, The - Fire And Brimstone
Portraits, The - Payback
Dylan Foley and Dan Gurney - Jigs The Idle Road + Old Hag You Have Killed Me
Tanja Maritsa - Fragile
Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Gimme All Your Lovin'
Johnny Coppin - Miss Fogartys Christmas Cake
Michelle Burke - Dear Old Donegal
Mairearad And Anna - The Red Poppy
Bellevue Rendezvous - Hedna + Slangpolska Efter Karl Kollberg + Polska Fran Overvanin
Monks Road Social - El Alba