Thursday, 24 August 2023

Thursday 24 August 2023

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Martyn Joseph - There But For Fortune
McCalmans, The - Both Sides The Tweed
Blue Rose Code - Oh North
Eamon Friel - Time And Again
Boys Of The Lough - Fill Fill A Run O
O'hooley & Tidow - The Ballad Of Anne And Ann
Innes Watson - Roger
Said The Maiden - Black Annis
Jennifer Licko - Light The Way
Jez Hellard And The Djukella Orchestra - Mcdonalds For The Mind
The Legendary Ten Seconds (Ian Churchward) - The Parson And The Clerk
Tamsin Elliott & Tarek Elazhary - Hope Is The Thing With Feathers
Assembly Lane - The Fair Flower Of Northumberland