Saturday 7 October 2023

Saturday 07 October 2023

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Tony Burt - Rock Me In Your Arms
Katy Crossan - The Highland Clearances
Gwenan Gibbard - Y Gwcw Fach Lwydlas (The Little Grey Cuckoo)
Dallahan - Marina
Merry Hell - Younger Than You Were
Blueflint - High Bright Morning
Me, Thee & E - Sunlight Soap Opera
Alyth - Chaidh Mo Dhonnchadh Donn Bhein [My Duncan]
John Williamson - Boogie With M` Baby
Topette!! - Clanders Batch + The Blue-Eyed Stranger
Ronan Browne - If I Were A Blackbird
Vision Thing - All The Bonny Birds Have Flown Away
Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow - Lofoten