Friday 5 July 2024

Friday 05 July 2024, Folk At Five

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Mike Donaghy - Brighter Days
Camey Doucet with Wayne Toups and The Crowley Aces - Me And My Cousin
Tendertwin - Tidal Insomniac
Iona Fyfe - Love Story [Scots Version]
Katie Nicholas - The Wheel
Samuel Bellamy - This Empty Chair
Tendertwin - Asking [Radio Edit]
Serious Sam Barrett - The Recruited Collier
Richard Trethewey - Trethewey Mine
Bill Jones - The Holland Mistress
Fergus McNeill - Bloodrush
Allan Johnston - Flyaway
Elaine Palmer - Just One
Chloe Hall - Third Drawer Down
Johnny Coppin - Mummers Jig