Sunday 9 July 2017

Saturday 09 July 2017

Folk At Five playlist:
David Ferrard - My Father's House,
Dàimh - S Dubh Choisich Mi'n Oidhche (Dark, I Walked The Night),
Session A9 - Miller Of Dron,
James Keelaghan - Next To You,
String Theory - Banish Misfortune + Castle Jig + My Darling Asleep,
Joan Mills And Saga - Landlord Don't You Cry,
Hilary James - A Song & Jig For Good Measure,
Norma Munro - The Water Is Wide,
Catherine Howe & Vo Fletcher - White Winter Hymnal,
dBize - La Valse Pour Les Petites Jeunes Filles + The Boys Of Ballisoda,
Battlefield Band - A' Bhriogais Uallach (The Pompous Trousers).
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