Friday 6 April 2018

Friday 06 April 2018

A right dreich day it's been, now Folk At Five brightens it up with music from Roger Pugh, Cara Dillon, Donovan, Heather Downie, Nick Byrne, Kadril, Davy Graham, James Yorkston, Milton Hide, Sarah McQuaid and Reg Meuross.

Folk At Five playlist:
Roger Pugh - A Romp Through The Barley,
Cara Dillon - Bright Morning Star,
Donovan - Lover O Lover,
Heather Downie - Messed Up Marches,
Nick Byrne - Birch Tree,
Kadril - Schoonheid,
Davy Graham - Seven Gypsies,
James Yorkston - 5 A.M.,
Milton Hide - Monkyn Pyn,
Sarah McQuaid - The Day Of Wrath, That Day,
Reg Meuross - In Dreams.