Tuesday 10 April 2018

Monday 09 April 2018

My head was in the clouds today creating this playlist with musicians Findlay Napier, Phil Hare, David Brinkman, The Paul McKenna Band, Ross & Ali, Camila Koller, Sim Balkey, Martin Simpson, Chloe Hall, C.C. Grace, Milton Hide and Mike Oldfield.

Folk At Five playlist:
Findlay Napier - Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice,
Phil Hare - Catherine Conway,
David Brinkman - Cindy Clark,
The Paul McKenna Band - Tipping Point,
Ross & Ali - Smiler,
Camila Koller - Wonderland,
Sim Balkey - Too Late To Be Leavin',
Martin Simpson - Never Any Good,
Chloe Hall - Dance With Me,
C.C. Grace - Your Song,
Milton Hide - Love Is A Bitch,
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.