Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Monday 09 April 2018

My head was in the clouds today creating this playlist with musicians Findlay Napier, Phil Hare, David Brinkman, The Paul McKenna Band, Ross & Ali, Camila Koller, Sim Balkey, Martin Simpson, Chloe Hall, C.C. Grace, Milton Hide and Mike Oldfield.

Folk At Five playlist:
Findlay Napier - Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice,
Phil Hare - Catherine Conway,
David Brinkman - Cindy Clark,
The Paul McKenna Band - Tipping Point,
Ross & Ali - Smiler,
Camila Koller - Wonderland,
Sim Balkey - Too Late To Be Leavin',
Martin Simpson - Never Any Good,
Chloe Hall - Dance With Me,
C.C. Grace - Your Song,
Milton Hide - Love Is A Bitch,
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.