Thursday 2 August 2018

Thursday 02 August 2018

Thursday's Folk At Five features music from Dave Gibson, Chloe Hall, Adam Norsworthy, Elis MacFadyen, Skinner & T'witch, The Paul McKenna Band, Mairearad & Anna, Andrew Huggan, Ciaran Dorris, Thom Ashworth, Owen Hand, Mike Oldfield. Show produced and presented by Trevox.

Dave Gibson - Money, Gun & The Bible,
Chloe Hall - Tax Office Love Song,
Adam Norsworthy - Healing Hands,
Elis MacFadyen - My Home In Argyll,
Skinner & T'witch - Everybody's Grotty,
Paul McKenna Band, The -  The Banks Of The Moy,
Mairearad & Anna - Mo Chailin,
Andrew Huggan - The Swimming Lesson,
Ciaran Dorris - Hometown Goodbye,
Thom Ashworth - Lord Bateman,
Owen Hand - I Loved A Lass,
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth.