Friday 4 December 2020

Friday 04 December 2020 Playlist

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth,
Merry Hell - This Time,
Coaltown Daisies, The - This Road,
Fairport Convention - Now Be Thankful,
Steven MacIomhair - O Theab Theab,
Elles Bailey - You Are Not Alone,
Miles Hunt - Welcome To The Cheap Seats,
Sunjay - London Road,
Changing Room, The - Gwrello Glaw,
Adam Norsworthy - Ready For Me,
Skipinnish - Alive,
Henry Girls, The - Falling In Love Again,
Thom Ashworth - Everybody's Gone To The Rapture,
Karen Matheson - Mi le M' Uilinn,
Yvonne Lyon - Back To Love.