Monday 7 December 2020

Saturday 05 December 2020 Playlist

Phil Langran - World Enough,
The Queensberry Rules - Your Own Roads,
19th Street Band, The - The Cajun Rock And Roll Stanza,
The Hut People - Jean's Hut In The Bog,
Owen Hand - The Beggar Wench,
Carlos Del Junco & The Blues Mongrels - No Fool Horse,
Jamie Doe - Harvest Moon,
Elliott Morris - Friday Night,
Colleen Raney - Fair Margaret & Sweet William,
Geoff Purvis & Terry Docherty - Blackthorn Stick + Saddle The Pony,
Davy Graham - Bulgarian Dance,
Martyn Joseph - I'm Gonna Say It Now,
Flight Brigade - Hurricane Season,
Allison Lupton and her band - Lost Jimmy Whelan,
Sarah-Jane Summers and Juhani Silvola - Caisteal A' Ghlinne [The Castle In The Glen].