Saturday 2 September 2023

Saturday 02 September 2023

Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Rachel Baiman - Ways Of The World
Niteworks - Oran Fir Ghriminis
Anna Tam - If I Were A Blackbird
Angeline Morrison - The Hand Of Fanny Johnson
Dublin Legends - Fainne Geal An Lae
Chalk Horse Music - Hegemony
James Hickman & Dan Cassidy - The Walls Of Time
Reely Jiggered - Lost In Time
Simon Mayor - The Old Man of the Mountains
Haley Richardson - Into the Frying Pan + The Contradiction + Sporting Paddy + Boys Of Malin
Prairie Dogz, The - Don't Remember Last Night
Malinky - The Wild Geese
Lori Watson - Fause, Fause